Pilates & Balance Ball Workouts 3.5

Pilates & Balance Ball Workouts 3.5



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Date Added:15 January, 2014

Author: Musicbank Ltd

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This app has 115 tuitional Pilates & Balance Ball (Gym Ball) workouts.

There is something here for every Pilates enthusiast.

Pilates Butt Burner Full 30 minute workout - eFit30
Pilates Get hard abs NOW - FULL 30 Minute workout - eFit30
Pilates More Flat Abs - Full 30 minute workout eFit30
Pilates Essentials FULL 30 Minute exercise video - eFit30
Denise Austin Power Abs Pilates Workout
Fitness workout swiss ball 1- Rebeca Martinez
Upside-Down Pilates - Exercise Ball - Lesson 53 - Full 30 Minute Pilates Workout - HD
Gym Ball Workout- Beginner
Upside-Down Pilates - Exercise Ball - Lesson 52 - Full 30 Minute Pilates Workout - HD
Gym Ball Workout - Intermediate
Fun Fitness Stability Ball
Pilates Balance Ball Workout
Total body Workout 5 cardio sculpt and tone fitness in 30 minutes
Pilates Ball Series
Total Body Stability Ball Workout Sculpt Strengthen your body
21 Swiss Ball Reverse Crunch
Vibe Academia - Pilates com Bola
Will Meets Pilates Ball
Private Video
Jen and the pilates ball
Pilates Ball
Exerflex Pilates Balance Ball
How to Exercise with a Balance Ball Core Side-to-Side Walk Exercise with Balance Ball
How to Exercise with a Balance Ball Abdominal Crunch with Balance Ball Under the Legs
How to Exercise with a Balance Ball Shoulder Lateral Exercise with the Balance Ball
How to Exercise with a Balance Ball Reverse Plank Exercise with a Balance Ball
How to Exercise with a Balance Ball One Leg Oblique Abdominal Crunch with Balance Ball
How to Exercise with a Balance Ball Leg Extension Exercise Using the Balance Ball
fitball medicine ball squat
Re Bodyjuggling Promoupdate
Aula de Ballness com Inelia Garcia
Hidro Pagode II
Aula de Hidroginstica com Robson Motta
Hidro Halloween Parte I
Hidro no Aguativa Resort
hidro ginstica 2
hidro do naninaninane
Aula de hidro
Hidro Halloween Parte II
Turbo Jam Total Body Blast Ball Workout Preview
Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Lower Body Preview
Physio Ball Exercises for Core Muscles Full Body Physio Ball Exercise to Strengthen Core Muscles
Physio Ball Exercises for Upper Body Physio Ball Stretch for Upper Body
Stability Ball Basics6
Stability Ball Basics4
Stability Ball Basics2
Stability Ball Basics5
Bosu Ball Exercise Video
Aerobic Ball Workout
Twisting Aerobic Punch
Pilates Exercise Principles
Pilates Abs Workout
Pilates How to get legs to die for
10 min pilates sclupting
Private Video
Katrina Fitness - Ease Into Pilates Flexibility Cooldown
Exercise and Fitness Video Pilates Abs
Katrina Fitness - Ease Into Pilates Strength
beginner pilates
Private Video
Advanced Pilates Exercises Routines Pilates 100s Exercises
Pilates Exercises for Beginners Pilates Exercise Corkscrew
How To Learn Basic Pilates
Pilates exercise Legs backwards of the head Level 3
Pilates Exercises for Beginners One Leg Circle Pilates Exercise
Funny Pilates
Katrina Fitness - Ease Into Pilates Abs and Back
Super Amanda Boobs and Pilates Part One
Pilates exercise abdominal kick arrives Level 1
Zone Pilates
Pilates exercise abdominal oblique
Pilates on Fifth Video EP 16 - Pilates in Ten Ab Attack
Pilates exercise abdominal wood level 2
Free Pilates Exercise and Fitness Video

and many more!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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